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It is reported that people in Britain are having less sex than ever before. This result is drawn from the findings of a study published in medical journal, The Lancet. Main reason behind this reduced tendency towards love is due to our addition to mobile phones and tables. It has also been observed that women’s sexual behavior has undergone significant changes in the past ten years as they have admitted having more male sexual partners as well as a growing number of women is seen having sex with other women.
A study was made with more than 15,000 people selected as sample from a huge population size. These people were talked about their sexual lives. A critical fact has come on the scene that:

“Money worries and the distractions of social media mean people are having sex less frequently”

The polled people aged 16-44 years were having sex less than five times a month. This figure is compared with more than 6 times a month on the last two occasions when the survey on sexual attitudes and lifestyles was conducted in 1990-91 and 1999-2001.

A result was drawn from this survey that our modern life is having impact on libidos (sexual interests).

Dr Cath Mercer, from University College Landon commented that people seems more worried about their jobs and money. They are having less interest in sex. However, it is believed that modern technologies are also playing key role in this changing trend towards sex. People go to their bedrooms with tablets and smartphones and spend more of their time on Twitter and Facebook or answering emails.

A comparison was made between the sex trends observed in 1990s and most recently conducted survey. Here you can see the results of surveys conducted to access people’s interest in having sex in a month. See the results in following table:

She also commented that survey results show that couples aging 16 to 44 years show their interest in porn as a substitute for sex.

Men interviewed in 2010-2012 reported that they are having sex 4.9 times a month while women reported that they are having sex 4.8 times a month. People polled in previous surveys reported to have sex more than six for both sexes.

Another survey was conducted by NatCen Social Research and analyzed by researchers from University College Landon and the Landon School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in which older people were polled to know about these sex lives. The results showed that 42% of women and 60% of men aging 65-74 years had sex in the past year. This was the group having the least sex that was 2-3 times a month for men and 1.4 times a month for women.

Dr. Cath Mercer said if it is thought about the amount of sex that the overall population has, there is a significant decrease in the frequency of having sex a month.

The age group having the most sex is 25-34 year aged people. Men in this age group are having sex 5.4 times a month and for women of age group 16-24 years, this average was 5.8 times a month.

The latest survey that is carried out after every 10 years also reveal the same fact, the age at which people start having sex is lower in the younger age groups.

The average rate of having sex per month in people of less than 25 years old is 16 compared with 19 for men and 18 for women in the 65-74 age group.

Some other findings of above discussed surveys are listed below:

– One out of six pregnancies in the UK is unplanned
– About half of men and women polled out have had a recent sexual problem, but only a 10th of such people interviewed showed that they were worried about their sexual health and having real spice of their sexual lives.
– It was seen that the people have less interest in sex that is one of the most common issues that affect people’s sexual lives, and this problem is not only confined to women but, about 15% of men are also experiencing the problem of loss of libido (sexual interests).
– As per the survey in 2000, people have become have increased their interest in same-sex relationships but are less tolerant of cheating spouses. Attitudes have changed to significant extent.
– Average women under the age of 44 years reported that they had had 7.7 partners over their lives while this average for men was 11.7.
– Some 3.6% of men had paid for sex in the last five years and this number was very minor in women. Hardly any women had had paid sex.

Genevieve Edwards belonging to Marie Stopes International comments: “A key insight from the survey is that people are having sex earlier and having children later, which means that, on average, women in Britain spend about 30 years of their life needing to avert an unplanned pregnancy, yet many are not being informed about or offered the full range of services”.

“Long-acting contraceptives, for example, can be extremely effective and convenient but too many are never offered the choice.”

But overall results from total polled out people have been reported in the Lancet in which another fact was revealed about extent to which people are forced to have sex against their will. One out of 10 women and one in 70 men reported to have had sex about their will. However, very few of these people had told anyone about their experience. According to this study, 13% of women and only 8% of these men had reported that crime to police.


With the busy hectic lifestyle that everyone seems to be leading today, it seems almost impossible to meet someone of the opposite sex the way they use to meet such as on a blind date, someone from work or church, or a friend of a the family. As result, many turn to online dating sites to help them find someone for them. If you do find that someone you want to take out on a date, here are some tips to help you do it in a safe manner for both men and women.

For the first time, make arrangements to meet in a public place and never let them pick you up because they should not know your home address for a variety of reasons such as the first date is a bust and you do not want to see each again you would not want them to know your address just in case the other person does not take the rejection seriously and stalks you.

couple dating

It should be in a public place because the person they portray online may not be the real person you meet and you want to make sure that the first date is a safe one.

Pay half of the dinner bill so you do not feel obligated to give anything in return or go on another date.

Be careful about the amount of alcohol that you drink because you do not want your judgment clouded.

Never let your guard down because the person, man or woman, may not be who they seem to be. There could be a sinister side that does not show up on their online dating profile.

After a date, have a friend that you can go to just in case they try to follow you home to get your home address.

Always let someone know where you are going and who you are going to be with. You might even consider a time when you will call in and let them know everything is okay.

If you drive your own car, make sure that it is parked near the front of the restaurant and in a brightly lit part of the lot. Do not let them walk you to the car, especially if you are a woman. To be even safer, take a cab to and from the restaurant.

These are just some of the ways that you can be safe when you go on an online date.