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hair-loss-doctor If one is truly going to know about hair loss, there are a few things they need to learn. Knowing all the facts is sometimes helpful. Here are some tips that one should know about as it relates to their hair and hair loss.

Now, the first thing is that the body needs protein and hair needs protein as well. Part of this is because our hair is made up of protein. This protein that the hair is made up of is keratin.
Some think that hair loss is abnormal. It is rapid hair loss or more than a hundred hairs that is considered a problem. Doctors say that it is quite normal for a person to lose anywhere between fifty to a hundred hairs a day. That might seem like a lot, but this is fine. If one finds that they have more hair loss, then it might constitute that there is a problem.

Another thing that is common is that women after giving birth can experience hair loss. They will tell these women that they can experience hair loss for up to three months after the baby was born. The reason for this being that their hormones are still out of whack therefore, the hormones that have to do with hair growth and healthy hair is something that is not right.

There are all sorts of treatments out there. How a person wears their hair is something that some might have to consider. Another thing that doctors might advise is using baby shampoo once a day. Vigorous rubbing of the hair when a person towel dries is something to be careful about as well. Some will also tell a person that they need to consider when they style their hair as well as the things that they put in their hair. Chemicals are something one wants to avoid putting in their hair due to the harmful effects it has on damaging the hair.

When one considers the hair color and so forth, then one will suggest that they need to go about and test a small spot on the hair. This is to help ensure that one is not allergic to the things that are being used. One does not want to use something that is going to give them an allergic reaction. That is for certain. These are a few basic facts to know about this topic. Some of these tips and things to know about this might be something that one has never told a person and therefore, it might help them with understanding a few things.

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